DNA Studios is a swiss company founded by four friends and established since January 2013. Digital specialists, we offer a wide range of services grouped into four areas: Video games, Cinema, Visual communication and Applications.

The start
It all started in 2013 when Pro Helvetia and Suisa foundation launched a call for projects « Swiss Games » at the Neuchâtel Fantastic Film Festival. This event had to purpose to promote and help a few video games selected for their innovation and artistic quality.

At this time, we gathered, decided to give it a go and made a prototype for a mobile game. That’s when we came up with the game we are about to release: « Antyz, Odyssey of Time ». We were rewarded our hard work when we learnt that « Antyz » had been selected amongst 6 other games as winners.

Early 2013
Thanks to the financial help just earned, we decided to found the company and push the development of Antyz further. We also started working on animation and other side project.

March 2014
With the game well under way, and with the precious support of Pro Helvetia, we were given the chance to the GDC in San Francisco. This event, one of the biggest meeting for video game in the world allowed us to collect great feedback and ways of improving the game. This eventually led to the beta version of Antyz in summer 2014.

Autumn 2014
We were contacted by the Swiss National Radio and TV Company to develop a game for their radio station. This musical quiz called « Stick That Quiz Up! » used music chosen by the music programmer of the radio « Couleur3 » was release early 2015. We got great feedbacks and ratings, the game is available for iOS and Android under his French name « Dans Ton Quiz » in the stores.

We are now releasing « Antyz » an adventure-puzzle game about an ant that must save her species from an ice age by digging towards the earth’s core. By digging deeper in the ground, you will go back in History and discover the story of our planet. We created more than 100 puzzles that are only waiting for you to play them!