Belize is like a mosquito on the planet but sting like a honey bee. Everyday is like a day in paradise! From Jungle to Sea for you and me. Belize has many to offer in a thousand ways from beautiful colored people, rainbow array of animals, to turquoise blue waters.

As a young man blossomed in the tourism industry we have use our new born wisdom to analyze what and where is best for you and your love one(s). With the knowledge of today's modern travel we can offer you better service. Here at D & J Belize Travel & Tours we want to make life easy. Tell us your dream vacation and we make it a reality. Book your flight and we take care of the rest from the second you touch of our jewel soil, ensuring beautiful luxurious warm welcoming hotels/resorts, fantastic tours, up to the minute of your lift off! We don't make belief we make Belize Vacations!!