About Danny Vartan/DN Safety Products, Inc.

Danny Vartan is a firefighter with the Westwood, NJ Fire Department. He is also the Inventor of the EMERGI-SAFE™ 5-in-1 Emergency Flashlight. Vartan spent the better part of his adult life answering emergency calls in Northern New Jersey, and knows firsthand what it’s like to have cars whizzing past him at all sorts of emergencies along busy roadways.
Those experiences - along with stories of colleagues’ close calls with passing motorists over the years prompted him to invent an innovative LED-based safety lighting product: the EMERGI-SAFE™ 5-in-1 Emergency Flashlight.

Daniel Vartan started DN Safety Products, Inc. to bring to market the EMERGI-SAFE™ 5-in-1 Emergency Flashlight, a multi-purpose, easy to use, all-in-one solution to provide maximum safety in the most dangerous environments for first responders and civilians alike: the roadways of the United States and beyond!