Dobbins Blaya is a boutique commercial litigation and corporate defense law firm providing legal representation throughout the State of Florida. After years of training and experience at several highly reputable business litigation and defense firms, and succeeding in those confines, founders William Dobbins and Martin Blaya believed they were able to offer something unique and to better serve their clients’ needs. At Dobbins Blaya, we recognize that you, our clients, are the real reason this firm exists, so your needs are the basis for how we structure our services. We know that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to legal matters, and we have the ability to cater to individual needs on a case by case basis.​

At Dobbins Blaya, we devote the highest level of personal attention throughout your representation, from pre-suit through mediation, hearings and trial, to ensure the optimal resolution and client satisfaction.  Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to provide legal services and representation in diverse areas of practice.

We can address your concerns and represent you or your company in the following areas:

- General and Defense Litigation  

- Trial Counsel

- Small Business Litigation and Consulting Services

- Complex and Commercial Litigation

- Insurance and Insurers

- Appeals

- Labor and Employment

- Administrative Law

- First Party Property

- Foreclosure and Foreclosure Litigation

- Landlord/Tenant Disputes

- Debt Management

- Debt Settlement

If you need legal services, advice, or representation in any of the above areas, contact us. We look forward to helping you achieve your personal and professional goals.