Doberfrau is a modern artistic view of the world of dogs focused on the Dobermann breed. And a celebration of the life dogs can lead in München.

We're three girls in München with a crazy idea - the Doberfrau lifestyle. Why should the Weimaraners be getting all the attention in the world of "art" dogs?

The Doberfrau lifestyle is a celebration of Dobermanns, München and Art through the photographer's lens.

Maya is THE Doberfrau and she'll be sharing her life with you through this page and coming very soon a blog and website. Don't worry, Doberfrau's are very friendly and friends will be jumping in along the way to participate in her journey.

Also coming soon will be postcards, calendars, T-Shirts and more through various online shopping venues.

Maya can't wait to make new friends all over the world!