In the fast paced global economy we live in, business thrives on the ability to move information as quickly as possible—Don't let your business fall behind.

docAssist is the premier paperless office solution offering an integrated system of online document storage, workflow management tools, and instant access to your office from any computer. We are also an integrated document management service that is compatible with your company's existing accounting and business software.

Non-invasive = Ease of Transition
As a cloud computing application, docAssist does not require installation of software, hardware, or costly upgrades and maintenance fees—we are a significantly more affordable and a truly simple document management system.

Hosted means you get more.
With hosted document management services, you get much more than just software. You're purchasing service that gives you access to an unlimited extension of your business. 24/7 access to documents from any computer in a highly secure & reliable interface are just a few added benefits of online document management.

A 'road map' of workflow productivity.
Using a paperless office system eliminates the need to physically route documents through several locations before approval is granted. Electronic workflow management creates a virtual roadmap of where a document is in the workflow process.

Document capture methods, never feel limited.
Becoming a paperless business is simple with docAssist's complete menu of capture methods. Scan, email, fax, or print into docAssist with one click.

docAssist is the industry leader in hosted document management, offering a powerful model that keeps its users documents secure in the cloud that has become the modern workplace.