Skin ages through the accumulation of years of micro-injuries from sun exposure, environmental toxins, gravity, and repetitive facial expressions. The result is laxity and loss of turgor, fine and coarse lines, abnormal pigmentation, inflammation, and scarring. Also while we age, we lose the vast majority of the stem cells responsible for healing in all tissues. These stem cells originate in the bone marrow and patrol the body via the bloodstream. They control healing by secreting bio-signals that act as command and control of healing and by reducing inflammation. To restore the bio-signals, we grow the same cells in the laboratory, harvest the bio-signals they produce and use them as an active ingredient, along with more than a dozen of the Who's Who of skincare actives. The results is a topical anti-aging skincare system second to none. Not only does it rejuvenate skin to an amazing degree, we now know the same bio-signals significantly improve  healing following aesthetic medical treatments such as laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, microneedling, and chemical peels.

Post-laser recovery time is shortened by up to 40% (according to a national U.S. laser distributor that now recommends our products as part of its protocol) and an internationally recognized expert in medical (dermal) microneedling considers this technology preferable to other products on the market. Research is underway to explore the value of stem cell bio-signals in restoring hair growth and color.

Additional areas of research and product development include a new class of anti-acne product with novel actives that is particularly effective and well-suited for post-menopausal and cyclical acne in women