We specialise in the production and distribution of DocHealth medical passports.

We sell the range of medical passports to both retail and wholesale consumers.

Our wholesale range is created with the option of producing unique bespoke medical passports for charities and organisations which focus on a single medical condition.

The DocHealth© medical passport is a 64 page booklet in the approximate shape, size and appearance of an international passport.  The passport is easy to understand, complete, and update. Entries can be made by the user alone or with the help of a healthcare professional.  The sole purpose of your medical passport is to protect you should you fall ill or become involved in an accident by providing detailed information on your health to any medic providing treatment, no matter where in the country, or the world, that you are.

The passports contain personal medical information and covers health issues such as:
•     Vaccination and Immunisation records,
•     Personal and Medical contact telephone numbers in case of an emergency,
•     Medication details – prescription and over-the-counter
•     Past and current illnesses,
•     Surgical and family history,
•     Known allergies,
•     Blood group and type,
•     Personal prevention record,
•     Specialised sections concerning the medications and treatments for chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, asthma, Sjogren’s syndrome, and multiple sclerosis.