Founded in 2018, our company is located in Guangzhou with a coordinating office located in Nottingham, the UK.

We are the expert in fabrics, needlecrafts and design. Facilitated with a design studio, a workshop and a quality control team all together within our office at one site, we provided high quality mulberry silk and silk blended products to our clients.

Our main products include:

•     Home textile - bed linens, duvet covers, pillowcases
•     Personal care - eye/sleep masks, night bonnets, makeup headwrap
•     Fashion accessories – silk scarves, scrunchies, headbands
•     Home wear – robes, pyjamas, underwear
•     Garment - blouses, tops, dresses

We offer customised services in many possible ways:

•     Print your own patterns on the fabric of your choice
•     Design patterns for you and print on the fabric of your choice
•     Customised labels and logos in weaved tags, prints and embroideries
•     Customised packaging in carton presentation boxes

Our high-quality products and professional services are not only for accomplished enterprises but also for small business. Benefiting from the low MOQ we offer, many small businesses have had great experience working with us.

So far, we have set up sound business relationships with many clients from US, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. We are looking forward to thriving our business together.