Dr. Alisa Robinson is a licensed psychologist and expert in healthy living, relationships and celebrity psychology.  A specialist in the emerging field of healthy living, relationships and Celebrity Psychology, she goes beyond the headlines and explains in plain language how issues relate to your audience’s daily lives.  

Dr. Alisa received her doctorate from USC and now serves as a mentor for doctoral students and is a professor for those in the field of counseling. She has provided day long educational seminars to over 200 mental health practitioners and doctors and speaks to groups ranging from 15-45 each week to provide education on issues related to healthy living, stress management and emotion management.

The daughter of a Hollywood publicist, she is becoming an in-demand speaker regarding celebrity behavior, through entertainment news outlets such as Wetpaint.com and others.

She welcomes inquiries from the media and is available for interviews, expert commentary, and for background information for stories related to her clinical field. She is also available for interviews by SKYPE.