Doctor Ink Eraser has strived to develop a state-of-the-art protocol using 4 different lasers, (Discovery Pico, RevLite SI, TriVantage 755, Quanta Q+C) to remove unwanted ink and provide optimal results. Dr. Ink eraser uses a combination of Nanosecond and Picosecond technology to provide tattoo free outcomes in approximately 1/2 the time and treatments required with traditional lasers. Our lasers are FDA approved to treat all skin types and emit varying wavelengths of light, (1064,532,585,755,650,694,) to target and break down any ink color under the sun.

Approximately 20-50% of individuals regret getting one or more of their tattoos, and for those individuals, laser tattoo removal, or lightening, is the safest and most effective way to erase an unwanted tattoo.