doeLEGAL provides enterprise-class comprehensive cloud-based legal services and technology supporting globally located corporate legal departments and law firms with premium eDiscovery and eBilling solutions.

Delivering two major concentrations: Legal Spend (eBilling) and Litigation Support (eDiscovery) Management, our software solutions remaining on the cutting edge of the latest legal technology. Our experts have decades of experience in bringing these innovations into the legal field.

Our acclaimed litigation support suite, doeK2™, provides all-inclusive hosting and support for the entire EDRM process including Litigation Hold, Early Data Assessment (EDA), Forensic Collection, eDiscovery, EDD Processing, Case Management, Records Management, Compliance, and court-defensible Production. The process is the key to reducing risk of court-imposed sanctions and penalties. K2™ can keep your data and process flowing perfectly.

Our top-rated legal spend and matter management package, doeASCENT™, delivers comprehensive electronic billing and matter management tools including budgeting, forecasting, automated invoice review, hosted review paths, and robust reporting that provide greater corporate transparency. With standardized reports and analytics for the entire eBilling process tied to matter management, each stage of legal spend is managed with the data at your fingertips. ASCENT™ can keep your data and process flowing perfectly.

doeLegal specializes in creating effective solutions by offering the online convenience, superior service, and respected advice used by legal professionals to help them increase productivity while reducing costs.  Our customizable packages are made to fit your needs rather than having you change how you work.  doeLEGAL is more dynamic, responsive, and cost effective thanks to 41 years of outstanding service to the global legal community.