At The Cultured Canine, we use only dog-friendly methods to train dogs and teach pet parents to raise fabulous puppies. The result? A happy dog and exquisite manners.

Our dog training courses are conveniently taught in clients' homes. They include: dog obedience training (pet manners), puppy training, housetraining, help for separation anxiety and telephone consultations.

We teach everything your dog needs to be a polite, happy family companion! Gift certificates are available.

The Cultured Canine proudly visits clients in their homes in Westchester, Manhattan and Greenwich.

Specialty offerings include:

- Housetraining (everything from telephone consults to boarding school!)
- Boarding School
- Luxury Hotel

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Diane Podolsky is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Knowldege Assessed) (CPDT-KA.) She holds a Certificate in Training and Counseling from the well respected San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, considered the "Harvard" of dog training academies.

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