Who are we?

DogDayOne is created by Barbe Messing and powered by Sam Turner. Our goal is to achieve happy dog owners and dogs. :-)

Sam Turner

My name is Sam Turner. I am an ethologist and professional dog trainer and run my own training school: Paws4Fun. My passion for dogs started at an early age and has developed into my profession. My aim is to teach people about dogs and also to teach people how to train their dogs. With my own dogs I love to go for walks, play with them and teach them all sorts of tricks.

Barbe Messing

My name is Barbe Messing. I’m an art director, with a special focus on nature. However, to relax I love being with dogs! That is why I have created my puppy pack. (shown on top of our site) My first puppy is to help people find out which dog is right for them. Once you’ve found your dog the other puppies from my pack will support you in taking care and training and building a good relationship with your dog. Each puppy has it’s own specialism and color. They’ll show you that you can train your dog in a natural dog friendly way! No punishment or shouting is needed. I hope you will enjoy my puppy pack and that it will inspire you and your dog. So you’ll both be happy!

What is our site about?

It is a place to learn how to start with your first dog. The website all about dogs, puppies, behavior and training. Chat about what is fun, interesting and educational about dogs and in particular about puppies. It’s our sincere hope you will find the information on our website useful and we look forward to your comments and questions via our contact page.

Teaching in a natural, dog friendly way

As a dog lover you can have lots of fun with your puppy… íf raised the right way! By gaining more insight into how dogs think you can explain and anticipate their behavior. By understanding your dog better you’ll connect faster and build a stronger relationship with your dog – based on trust, not on fear. Prevent problems and frustration and keep the joy and fun!

Start right away, day one

You’re ready to go, from day one. Although dogs of all ages can be trained, this is certainly the case with puppies. It’s wise to start teaching your puppy straight away to avoid teaching him any ‘bad habits’ (and saves you from correcting them!).

Never too late to start

Even when noting problems with your dog at a later age, it’s never too late! When having difficulties with obedience, house training, barking, aggressive behavior, even biting… do not worry! This website will offer you a way out. It’s always possible to start training your dog. Start with a beginner’s mind; forget all your negative experiences. You and your dog will experience changes fast when you really understand and work with the dog’s behavior!

We would like to help you train your dog the natural way!

Because it’s just more fun for you ánd your dog!

How can you, the dog lover, be involved?

Please join my pack! Leave your comments and questions at our site http://dogdayone.com
Interact with your fellow dog lovers. Or if you are active on any social networks please join our http://www.facebook.com/DogDayOne fanpage