The Problem With The Pet Industry

There’s something missing in the pet industry and puppy mills are profiting from it.

With no outlet for casual pet lovers, seekers of all things cute, and fluff enthusiasts, puppy mills have the demand to “justify” their cruel and inhumane conditions.

At Doggypaws, we supply the cute and the fluffy in a way that not only keeps the animals happy and comfortable, but also in a way that contributes to ending animal overpopulation.

We team up with local Arizona shelters to find homes for the millions of dogs looking for their forever families. While the law sees animals as property to be packaged and sold in bulk, we think of our dogs as family and that’s how we’ll treat them.

Play or Adopt: Our Philosophies

We know that not everyone can adopt, but that’s no reason to go without the love of a dog in your life. We want you to come see our dogs – that’s why we adopted our ‘Play or Adopt’ philosophy.

Playing with dogs has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and even lessen symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. It turns out you’re good for our dogs too!

There’s no commitment, just you and a room full of puppies.

The socialization they receive from playtime stimulates and excites them and has been proven to help facilitate more successful adoptions.  In addition to makeovers and training, dogs learn good behavior while playing with you, making them more attractive to potential adopters.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll fall in love with one yourself.