The Dog Kingdom characters consist of happy humans Leslie and Argil Clifton, and a lovely lab trio, namely Talley Doobie and Bridget.  Owned and operated out of scenic southern Cecil County MD, Leslie Clifton (PMCT, CPDT-KA) also operates a force free dog training business. The Kingdom envisions a world where animals can live their lives in harmony with their humans, blissfully unaware of any punishing and aversive equipment. The Cliftons care deeply for pets, their humans and the natural world. Their partnership with The Pet Professional Guild is a perfect fit.

We are an online business distinguished by the fact that we are Force Free in our philosophies, and partnered with The Pet Professional Guild. The latter is an organization dedicated to promoting Force Free dog training internationally. None of our inventory is purchased from vendors associated with force based dog training. All inventory is tested and recommended by our own labrador retrievers, guest board and train dogs, and used in canine behavior modification by Leslie Clifton PMCT CPDT-KA. We also carry products that are eco-friendly, as we care about environmental responsibility.

Products are carefully screened to ensure complete lack of any force based association. Wholesale vendors likewise must meet these same standards. Leslie Clifton PMCT CPDT-KA recommends products used in her force free dog training business. Toys are tested on site by the lab trio and guest dogs, at the Kingdom for training. This niche online site will be a great fit for shoppers with similar values. Force free pet professionals and owners with similar values can be paid to promote fostering a kind and gentle environment for furry friends. Latter is exactly why we are close to releasing an Affiliate Partnership Program, so that like minded pet professionals can join our team. Further details will be posted about this program in the very near future.