Virginia ‘Ginny’ Kamper is a native Texan with a habit of rescuing stray dogs that started when she was a young girl. Her favorite rescue dog from her childhood was a stray named Sonny who would plop down between Ginny and her boyfriend, obviously becoming her Dad’s favorite. Ginny is still rescuing dogs and now lives with her husband and a growing pack of dogs including her two Boston terriers, Brutus, described as a 100 lb dog in a 20 lb package, and Ichabod along with a couple of entertaining mixed-breeds named Murphy and Butterscotch – both rescued from shelters.

In addition to her love of animals, Ginny brings broad business experience and a wealth of skills and knowledge to her DogSmith Dog Training and Pet Care business of North Tarrant County, Texas. As a Certified DogSmith Dog Trainer and Pet Care Technician Ginny has completed a demanding comprehensive program at the DogSmith National Training Center and with her solid business and customer service experience she provides her clients with the absolute best in dog training and pet care services.

LogoDogKingdomTo qualify as a DogSmith Dog Trainer, Ginny mastered a rigorous program of study and practical skills in subjects as diverse as animal husbandry, modern animal learning theory, pet care first aid as well as animal behavior theory and instructional skills. This comprehensive training provides her with the broad theory and practical expertise necessary to provide you and the animals in your life with The DogSmith’s unrivaled pet care.

One of Ginny’s goals for her business is giving back to her community. Ginny says, “I work with rescue and shelter dogs as much as I can to teach everyone how awesome dogs really are.” No one is better equipped to care for your precious pets.