Welcome to Dogstown University where your "best friend" will have the social experience of a lifetime - every time! DTU brings doggie daycare and boarding to new heights of excellence and professionalism -- for the dog you love!

The special campus at DTU was designed with your dog in mind. Even the most cautious and protective parents, who are reluctant to leave their pets anywhere but at home, will feel confident about DTU. We offer unique doggie play group games, all-day activities and in-house training programs - all overseen by our highly capable, dog-loving canine instructors.

Once your pet is properly tested and introduced to the student body (the pack), the fun and games begin. Your canine student can enjoy our climate-controlled play areas or lounge pool-side on our custom-built doggie deck. They can test their skills on our agility equipment or play a friendly game of flyball. Students also participate in SUPERVISED group play on a specially designed astro-turf for pets where ramps, tunnels and bridges create stimulation and athletic challenges. Your pooch can also take advantage of our optional, carefully supervised physical education class, where work-outs on our doggie treadmill are designed to relieve stress or enhance a weight-loss program.

Because everyone on the DTU faculty is an enthusiastic dog lover and owner, every student is treated like our own -- something only true dog-people can understand. We encourage you to tour our campus at any time. In fact, we LOVE surprise visits from our canine parents!

At DTU, we do more than watch your dog. We interact and play with our students, teaching social skills that will delight you and them. Our loving faculty will pamper and cater to your pet's every need. And you can see all the fun for yourself via our 24-hour live streaming doggie cam! We want you to leave with peace of mind, knowing this will be a fun and positive learning experience for your beloved pet.


Life is fun and games at Dogstown University - but our focus is always on education and training. Our meticulously designed environment provides doggie stimulation and enrichment so that every day is an adventure for your canine friend.

Whether your pooch chooses to romp or relax, play interactive games with the group or find a corner for a nap, they are always under continuous supervision. Our campus includes both indoor and outdoor playgrounds with interesting nooks to explore, toys to play with and soft places to snooze.

Our team of straight-A instructors are knowledgeable about socializing, safety and behavior modification skills. They know every dog by name and forge a trusting bond through one-on-one interaction second-to-none. Trainers are always in the play areas with your dog - not just looking in. This level of personal attention is unprecedented in the dog-care industry, and is just one of many reasons why DTU is the Ivy-League choice for your pet.


At DTU, we believe when we bring dogs into our lives, it is our responsibility to see that all of their needs are met. Training helps build trust and affection between you and your dog. It also helps owners learn how to communicate and bond with their dogs more easily and effectively. Well-trained dogs are happier... and so are their owners.

Dogstown University offers on-site individual obedience training and personalized behavior modification that facilitates trust and communication between you and your canine companion. We teach the latest techniques and theories available in a positive atmosphere that supports stress-free learning. Our professors are second-to-none in their experience and expertise with dogs just like yours. Proper training can make a life-changing difference in your family. Your dog will thank you - and you'll gratefully thank us!

Dogstown Universtiy knows that whether you are adopting a baby or bringing your baby home from the hospital it is an exciting time. But there could be a problem lurking if you have not taken the time to prepare the "canine kid" for the baby's arrival. This is especially important when your pooch has been "top dog" up to now. By taking the time, being patient, consistent and following some simple guidelines you can make this union less traumatic and a smooth transition for the entire family.

We have put together a comprehensive program that entails both "in home" and "in board" training. The program will work with the expectant or adoptive families prior to the arrival of the baby, during the hospital stay and when the mom and baby come home. During this time we will educate the family on the do's and don'ts of introducing your dog to your newborn as well as preparing the dog for what is expected of him.