My dog (and people) training programs help pet owners teach their dogs to willingly cooperate, demonstrate great self-control and manners, and socially interact with kindness and confidence.

I offer dog improvements, dog training, and dog behavioral modification services to northern Illinois and suburban Chicago pet owners. I also offer phone consultations for people with dog behavior problems and dog training questions from all over the world.

Dog training services offered include:

* small-group "101" classes for puppies and adult dogs
* drop-in applied training classes for puppies and adult dogs
* drop-in "field trip" group training for social, real-world experience
* dog training workshops: pet-assisted therapy, disc, tracking, and other fun topics
* private temperament evaluations and behavior consultations
* individualized training for puppies and adult dogs
* day school for fun times and training tune-ups (smart-dog daycare)
* dog training "camp" overnight stays (no "boots", but just patience, knowledge, and kindness)

In addition, if you are struggling with a dog house training problem, or are hoping to avoid one by getting your puppy started on the right potty training track, contact me for a consultation. In one lesson, you will have all of the answers you need to prevent and resolve your dog toilet training issues.