Introduction -

According to research, the number of IT jobs continues to rise at an astonishing rate, with the current number in June 2021 being close to 3.57 million jobs. But even with such a rapid growth rate, why do you think employers and hirees face numerous challenges when it comes to hiring a team for a specific project? Quite a puzzle, isn’t it?

Well, this puzzle is not so tough to crack after all. With the growing number of resources on either end, i.e. the employers and the prospective employees, IT firms face a huge challenge when it comes to identifying and selecting the right employee needed, as per their requirements. But this number problem has a solution. And that, my dear friend, is right there in the question!

The need for an efficient and streamlined system that makes hiring a simple task. Be it seasoned professionals or just freelancers ready to be hired for a particular task, every part of this journey can be mapped and made simple with a vision, which we call - The Dollar Staffing vision

But before we understand this vision, let us take you on a journey to understand the story of how this vision came to be. A story we take pride in whenever we talk about. A story we refer to as the Guru effect.My Guru’s Story

This is the story of my guru, my teacher and my guide. He was a jaggery merchant
whom I met in 1975, and indeed his charisma and his keen sense of business was something that grabbed my attention. His lessons have been engaging me for the past four plus decades, pushing me into creating an effective method which now has matured into the concepts behind Dollar Staffing. His trade style and offerings built his empire to reach a great level, where he was considered to be a legendary trader of Jaggery throughout Asia, earning the title of ‘The Emperor of Jaggery’.

While you all know what he achieved this feat, it’s important for us to learn how he did it. He was a man with a keen understanding of business, which reflected in his style, which I take pride in talking about. 

Guru’s business strategy  

The town where my Guru was a merchant is still the main auction center for Jaggery Slabs, a produce obtained from the sugarcane crop. It was the site where farmers who bring their produce are the sellers and the wholesalers or traders are the buyers, and the one’s mediating all this were the auctioneers and my guru was an auctioneer. The auction was always held during the early hours, before dawn traditionally. However, unlike others, my guru was always happy to help. He used to help the farmers unload their produce in his yard without charging an extra buck; paid off the transporter’s dues and also used to advance small sums to the farmers for their refreshment. Before the auction, being the hard working, detail-oriented auctioneer that he was, used to take rounds along with the farmers, inspecting each and every heap of jaggery that was piled there in the vicinity. He used to discuss the way and style the heap was displayed, advising them to clean the produce, helping them make the heap more attractive.

But right when the auction began, he transformed himself into a resourceful advisor, advocating the farmers to be patient, asking them to wait for the best price, and on the other end, speak with the wholesalers on getting the right and best quality merchandise based on his survey and quality checks that he did right from the moment the produce unloaded in his yard. However, he never compelled the merchandise on the wholesalers /buyer if that was not what they were looking for. He was personally present to negotiate the best price for the farmer’s produce while at the same time ensuring that only quality product is bought by the Wholesaler. And what was his gain from all of this? Nothing. He charged a measly 1% from the Farmer i.e. the seller and 1% from the
Buyer, the wholesaler.

His route was unique, he unlike the other auctioneers, took personal interest in the farmer, the way their produce is displayed and their woes. But along with this, he also never demanded much from the seller and the buyer. A business built on trust. As a result, more than 90% of jaggery that came to the market used to end up in my Guru’s yard, making him the true winner. However, he didn’t stop there. He constantly aided the farmers on methods that helped them get a higher yield next year. He educated them about employing best farming practices, procurement of the best quality seeds, sources for the right farming advice, etc. In simple words, he ensured that his customers were satisfied throughout the process which reminds me of what he always used to say - “Wealth Flows Towards Best and Cheapest Customer Service!”

To be Continued...