DollarStoreJunkie.com offers one Dollar Deal of the Day, everyday. You can literally buy Quality Products from 75% to 99% Off Every Single Day. All products are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Basically you will see "Sold Out" next to the Daily Offer when it is gone. A new deal is automatically started Every Single Day at Midnight, and will be available While Supplies Last!

DollarStoreJunkie.com is owned and operated by The Power Of Good Network Inc. a corporation dedicated to supporting good causes, while providing consumers with heavily discounted merchandise online. Basically we give the consumers a good deal, and we donate a percentage of our Profits to School Related Organizations. We work EXCLUSIVELY with School-Related Organizations to try and help them raise funds, by donating a percentage of our Profits to various Elementary, Middle, and High School Organizations Nationwide, with NO STRINGS ATTACHED! The Power Of Good Network Inc. was founded by a Parent that REALLY cares about how we teach and provide our Children with the tools they need to have a fair chance in today's world. "It seems like one thing we should all be able to agree with, regardless of our Politics, Race, or Gender, is teaching and giving our children the resources they need to succeed in life not just from a financial perspective but from an overall productive, positive, personal perspective."

Various Elementary, Middle, and High School Organizations we decide to support will receive a check EVERY month, basically we will find some School Organizations to donate a percentage of our Profits to as often as our Profits allow. The products we offer are usually sold well below the Original Suggested Retail Price. So even though we are Donating a Percentage of the Sale to School Related Organizations, the consumers/supporters are still getting an extremely good deal. We are combining the very popular Discount Dollar Store shopping experience that many consumers like with the strong need of School Organizations to raise funds. If you know of a School Organization that would like to receive a Donation from us with NO STRINGS ATTACHED, please refer them to our website at www.powerofgoodnetwork.com for more information.