Our cats are bred for remarkable health, amazing temperaments and exquisite beauty. All of the Persian kittens for sale have the angelic facial structures that resemble the adorable precious moments faces ~ plump little chubby cheeks, darling tear drop shaped eyes and charming heart shaped fur-faces that stimulate uncontrollable Ohhhhh’s and Ahhhhh’s straight from your heart to your mouth.

Our Doll Face Persian kittens decorate the world in a canvas of colors including chocolate, lilac, silver, gold, tortoiseshell, bi-color, whites and the beloved calico Persian.

We are also proud to work and educate you with the cherished tea cup Persian kittens and the extraordinary Rug Hugger Persian kittens, also known as the “eternal kitten”.

While our primary specialty is Persian kittens we also work with the beautiful Himalayan cats and kittens. Our Himalayans are the absolute crowning point of their breed featuring sky blue eyes and infused with loving & inquisitive personalities.

All of our Persian and Himalayan kittens are raised with the utmost love, dedication and affection that shines through in their sweet personalities.
As a devoted Persian cat breeder we know that the “kitten foundation” is formed in the breeder’s home. That foundation will shine through the entire lifespan therefore much of our day is spent cuddling, praying over and playing with each and every cat and kitten.

Our joyful endeavor in raising Persian and Himalayan kittens is noticed and reflected by  maintaining a CFA cattery of excellence standing year after year as well as achieving an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our cattery was established in 1989, so you can be assured you are in experienced and knowledgeable hands when adopting your new furry family member from our cattery.