Ever thought about what would the internet be without websites?
A nightmare?
Well, it’s time to give the due credits to the service known as ‘hosting’, which plays cupid between websites and the internet.

Web hosting is the activity of providing storage space and access to websites. It basically is a service which enables an organization, a body of persons, associations, and/or an individual to post website(s) onto the internet.

Hosting enables a website to be up and functional on the internet, which is enough reason to bow down to it and make sure it works well.

The ‘best hosting’ for your website depends on the requirement. Though, one of the most important factors in this is choosing the right provider with wide range of plans to choose from.

Following are some basic standards to be kept in mind while choosing the hosting provider.
You don’t want to fall in the trap of shiny looking plans with poor services.

Domain and Server, a 19year old, hosting and domain name provider is considered as one of the most reliable providers of India.

The wide range of plans it offers, cater to every level of hosting requirement.
All hosting plans include:
1. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
2. Easy-to-use cPanel - cPanel with FTP account having all the main features on user’s fingertips.
3. Advanced Programming & Databases
4. Professional Email Hosting
5. CloudLinux
6. Free applications

Starter plans: They are ideal for small companies, startups, blogs and personal websites.
Their purpose is to fulfill basic hosting requirements with maximum services.
It’s perfect for beginner level since it is affordable.
It truly justifies its name.

Value Plan:
Coherent and beneficial are the two words which describe the Value Plan.
It is curated keeping in mind the mid-level business or the ones who want to elevate from starter level business.
As the name suggests, this category brings forth the plans which maximise the value in every aspect. It is built to provide utmost usage and easy handling for the user. All the plans include 24X7 support which is another cherry on the top. It is ideal for mid-level business and the small business looking forward to upgrade to the next level.

Business Hosting:
Plans with accelerated speed, abundance storage space and the smooth handling by the user.
The plans are all about serving a workspace with multiple needs and ideal for mid-level businesses who are planning to scale up.

Choose the right plan for your website, a step closer to conversion.