Secura, a German GmbH from Cologne (Germany), has been founded 1992 and accredited by ICANN in the year  2001.

Secura is authorized by ICANN to register  all generic Top Level Domains.   In addition, Secura can register almost all active country domains.   When domainnamebuyers.com was still independent, it listed Secura as among the best registrars of the world.  

Secura sells to resellers, but also to private customers, who visit Secura's website at http://www.domainregistry.de  (German) or http://www.com-domain.com  (English). Basic information is also available in other languages - from Hungarian to Chinese.  Secura gives support in many different languages:  English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch,  Hungarian, Russian,  Serbian, Croatian, Ukrainian and Belorussian.  Customers can easily pay by credit card but other payment methods are available. Secura publishes a Domains Blog in order to inform users about new developments in the domain business (http://domainblog2.blogspot.de/).