New York Sept 2019: Music Industry Veteran, Donald Malter, is bringing the wealth of experience garnered over some 35 years and is making it available for the benefit of the next generation of music hopefuls.

“The Industry is in a period of change” he says “we are entering a new paradigm where the old rules are being rewritten but also musicians now have opportunities before them that most musicians in the past could only fantasize about”

With years of experience working for some of the biggest names and brands in Show business including BMG Music, SONY and Warner Music Group, Donald Malter is looking forward to being able to engage with new musicians and help bring about change that will benefit all.

The first of these new initiatives will involve a series of Podcasts whereby Donald Malter will discuss with other leading executives within Show Business the matters and affairs of the day whilst also adding an educational element.

“The idea behind this all is to help as many new, young and upcoming musicians along the way as possible” he says “and if I can help pass on the experience gained over these past 35 years then I’ll be a satisfied man”

Over the weeks and months to come Donald Malter will be discussing the state of the Industry financially, the consolidation and changes it is experiencing and how this affects new Musicians. How also there has never actually been a better time to be a Musician with all the tools and channels musicians of today have before them such as Social Media etc.

He will also be discussing more conventional ideas such as Publishing, Record Deals, Touring and how to build a brand that is sustainable and also profitable. For more information follow the activities at

Editorial Notes: Donald Malter over the past 35 years has worked for, Elektra Records (Warners), Zomba Music (SONY), Verve (Universal Music Group), BMG Chrysalis (BMG Music) as well as numerous other clients. He is an “in demand” Consultant specialising in introducing Private Equity Investment into Entertainment Projects.