Do you have a alternative energy or green energy project such as solar or wind farms, and need funding fast then you come to the right place we are a alternative energy financing Company

100% Joint Venture Funding Program


The global economic climate has changed dramatically in the last 18 months and finding reliable funding sources is a challenge. Fortunately, in our network, we have gained recent access to a large USA-based investment fund that is investing in large-scale development projects. This Investment Fund does not charge a Due Diligence

For the right type of Client and project, this could be an attractive Joint Venture funding option. As a courtesy, please read this page, fund criteria, and Client requirements thoroughly before contacting us, especially regarding the Compensatory Balance. Ok? Thank you.

Investment Fund Criteria:

They are interested in large ($25M and much larger) commercial real estate and alternative energy projects. In general, the investment fund has three main criteria:

1. The project is new construction/development (no refinances) and is "shovel-ready", i.e., ready to break ground within 30-60 days of approval;
2. The market fundamentals for the project are sound;
3. The development team has a significant financial stake in the project and has experience in developing the type of project contemplated.

Project Types:

• Commercial Real Estate (no 100% residential projects)
• Hotel Resorts and Casinos
• Alternative Energy (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biomass, waste conversion, etc.) • Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
• Infrastructure (roads, highways, rail, etc.)
• College and University Buildings
• Public-Use Facilities
• Recreational Facilities
• Retail
• Industrial
• Mixed-Use Commercial
• Office
• Other Related Types

Size: $25 Million Minimum; $10 Billion Maximum
Location: USA and International (USA-friendly countries)

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