Sykaro is an acronymn for the Synergy in Knowledge and Resources Online. Through the Contact List Builder 5 Steps to Internet Marketing Success video training series, students learn that there is a shorter and surer path to success, and it can be done their way!

Founders, Janet Legere and Don Legere, provide weekly Live Online Training and Education free and is for Internet Marketers, Network Marketers, Multi Level Marketers, Authors, Home & Small Business Entrepreneurs and anyone who is passionate about what they do and hungry to take their business ideas and their financial lives to the next level. The Internet just happens to be a very good place to make that happen.

The weekly online conference welcomes marketers and individuals from all over North America, Brazil, United Kingdom, Austrailia, Malaysia, India, Pakitstan, Russia and beyond to share ideas, develop partnerships and learn. Each week we have a featured presenter who has been recognized for their successful business and life accomplishments, where they share ideas that matter to your success.

Visit us at: http://contactlistbuilder.com or http://getlivetraining.com for our free Internet Marketing and Training Webinar on Saturdays, at Noon EST.