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Short: Founder-CEO of dpInk (www.donnalquesinberry.com). Woman entrepreneur delivering empowerment (coaching, branding, new media integration) among business development maturity for intelligent entrepreneurial and/or enterprise architecture, capture administration and forecast analysis, proposal direction - management - writing with select publishing initiatives, speaking & training.

Connect TODAY email: ceo@donnaink.com.

Long:  full complement of managed business and entrepreneurial strategies w/ aware, engaging, & technological advances. 200+ national and international federal and commercial clients.

→ Development of over 25,000+ docs. in 100+ subjects; including 500+ solicitations w/an 80%+ ROI.

→ Extensive C-level corporate experience including ghostwriting articles & books for executives, managers, & senior staff among others.

→ Subject matter expert & proposal process facilitator resulting in $500M+: small businesses & $1B+: large business awards among private, government & commercial interests.

→ Clearances: Interim, Minimum & Public Trust.

☼  dpInk: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. (www.donnaink.com): select publishing house (PH) embracing retro-fitted traditional core values. ♥ A WINNING original business model generates top-shelf networked (SEO, social media, & print) talents & delivered 1st yr. w/30% TOP TEN AMAZON title "ranking" status - accepts business titles.

♥ 2023 FOCUS: business intelligence & operations scaling; brand & image analysis; expert capture management, government contracting, tactical market strategies, winning proposal efforts, and speaking and product platform sharing past performance excellence!

★  Results-oriented ★  Engaged ★  Optimistic ★  Forward-thinker ★

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