Donzilla, Inc is the parent company for Comedian  Don Tjernagel.  Dubbed the dirtiest comic on the planet, Don Tjernagel is one of the funniest people in the world.  You can view his videos and download his podcasts at http://dontjernagel.com

Don Tjernagel is a very original and edgy stand-up comic. If you like your stand-up comedy with a bite think Jaws and you get Tjernagel. There is no topic this comic will not deal with and no joke too raunchy for this guy. In a world where too many so-called edgy comics are just hacks who use the f word to cover up unoriginal material or get an easy laugh from an audience who thinks f is edgy, this guy uses his sharp mind to shred whatever catches his interest, even if this is sometimes his own life.

There is not a bad Don Tjernagel stand-up comedy CD out there. His first, The Forbidden Comedy of Don, is heavy on sex jokes but there is also a lot more to it than that. His skills at free association are already visible here. The second, American Infidel features a more structured set though you also get the feeling that unlike other comics Tjernagel does not go on stage with a set set night after night.