doobara is a newly started Home automation solution and development project in Lebanon,
doobara for Home Automation started in Lebanon as a vision built upon our love for development and technology.
In a market like Lebanon it was not and still not easy for a small Home Automation company or project like us to find a place.
Specially if We compares the financial states, so we knew that we should find something has not been introduced to Lebanon market.
And a Home Automation story has began and we are hoping that it will be a long and interesting Automation story.
Because we know that we can make a difference and this the only thing that we wont tell but do it and retell, this way our Automation story wont be words on a blog.

This is new era for Lebanon and middle east not because we jut opened our store don't be silly we wish it was because of that :P, well why it is? a new type of technology shift has just started now and it will reach us and reach the world very soon, we will have to learn new codes, new protocols, believe everything will change, it will be like the decade technology shift which did happened before hundreds of times and each generalization was shocked and then used to it.