How was Door Jammer created?

Door Jammer was invented by product designer Von Saint while on holiday in Mexico. The innovative idea was sparked when Von Saint found his hotel room had a broken door lock and no secondary door security. The only security was provided by moving a chair in front of the Door. It was this that sparked the thought “there must be a better solution to this problem”. Von Saint Designs then began working with the Penn Elcom Group to refine, manufacture and distribute Door Jammer all over the world.

Who are we?

Door Jammer Corporation (part of the Penn Elcom Group) has the worldwide rights to manufacture, market and sell Door Jammer under a licensing agreement from Von Saint Designs. Door Jammer Corporation utilizes the Penn Elcom Group of companies to manufacture and distribute Door Jammer in many countries. If you have further questions about the distribution of Door Jammer in your country please Contact Us.