The company can deliver more than 700 models to satisfy any usual and unusual taste for glass doors to natural veneer doors. When researching the web for the best new door options for your home it goes without saying to measure each and every door, do not assume they are all the same size. Doors4UK is the perfect place where you can find the doors for your home. The company produces and installs various types of wooden and glass doors. We operate in London, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, and Middlesex areas, but may take enquiries from other areas on request.
Doors4UK represents Grauthoff Door Group which is a three brands one associational design:
ASTRA doors – standard doors. ASTRA doors have an inner tubular made of agglomerated wood which is treated with acrylic resin, so it resistant to steam (vapours), humidity, differences of temperature and intense traffic.
HGM doors – natural veneer doors. Those doors are made from natural veneers such as: Oak, American Walnut, Apple, Beech, Beech Steamed, Black Cherry, Cherry, French Walnut, Lemon, Makassa, Maple, Oak Satined Black, Oak Lemon, Olive, Teak and others.
Licht & Harmony Glass – our glass doors models made of massive secured crystal.  Each door is unique, representing the joy of living in opened and transparent places. These crystal doors are an innovation fro the worldwide market, something new and special, with a fragile aspect, but in fact highly resistant.