Ryan Doran is a mixed-media artist with a focus on urban street-art themes. The work itself is a unique hybrid of collage, painting and street-style graffiti. The paintings fuse the grittiness of the street with the traditional graffiti stencil style, combining paint and paper, darkness and light, music and street ethos to create a mosaic capturing the beauty and urban decay you pass every day.

Studying art in its basic forms and creating print work for the Seattle music scene led to the creation of the layered, intense and intricate work seen today. Iconic and ironical poster art is uniquely layered within an intricate dark color palette fused with imagination, graffiti and modern typography. The canvas captures a fantasy-scene combining day dreams and traditional street art uniquely in paint, paper and canvas. There is a contradiction between the crispness of the stencil dimensionality and grittiness that the layering produces. His work takes a form that challenges ideas of fine art. It appears deceptively raw and gritty, but the balanced composition is intentional and ironical. There is a beauty hidden in the depths.

To view his full line of work, please visit his website www.doranart.com:  it contains his artist statement, and his full spectrum of artwork.

For further information please contact Ryan Doran at nsane808@gmail.com or visit www.DoranArt.com to view Ryan Doran’s works and dates and locations of upcoming shows.