It's a moment we're all sadly familiar with. You're on the subway, at the office, at a bar – and you notice someone else there is wearing the same shirt. It's not on the label, but there are thousands of your shirt out there. Year after year, mass retailers make large quantities of good-enough menswear with only slight variations in fabric and design.

At .Bk, every limited edition shirt comes with a handwritten print number, e.g. 57/100. Every month, we release a new collection of unique pieces that are never repeated. By working in quick turnarounds and small quantities, we're able to experiment with bold ideas that aren't for everyone. After all, there's nothing better than getting a shirt that was meant for you.

The Dossier is a monthly micro-publication of essays, stories, photography & illustrations. Designed to educate & immerse our readers in the monthly story, we work with world-class writers & photographers with a direct, personal knowledge of the lifestyle. While all future issues will be digital and in print, Dossier 01: Founders is slated for a digital-only release in early-June.

To transport our community to a different world, we pop up & create content-rich, interactive and immersive experiences. Our first creation, The Inventor's Garage, runs from June 3 – 5. Inspired by garage inventors from Edison to Jobs, we're transforming a huge, 3500sqft Chelsea Market retail space into a garage filled with wonders. Future events range from public, to invite-only, to completely underground.