About DotConnectAfrica Org

DotConnectAfrica Trust is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan organization that is based in Port Louis, Mauritius (Reg.ID CT8710DCA90) with its registry operations located in Nairobi, Kenya. Its main charitable objects are: (a) for the advancement of education in information technology to the African society; and (b) in connection with (a) to provide the African society with a continental Internet domain name to have access to Internet services for the people of Africa as a purpose beneficial to the public in general.

DotConnectAfrica through its affiliate DCA Registry Services Ltd. intends to channel surplus resources gained from the .Africa registry operation to sponsor foundations that will cater to various charitable projects including the already launched miss.africa and generation.africa, as well as capacity building for African ccTLDs, with the general objective of improving the African Internet and business landscape.

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1/F River Court |  6th, Denis Street | Port Louis | Mauritius, Africa
Old Airport | Bekele Eshete Towers | 2&7F| Addis Ababa | Ethiopia , Africa
University Way | AmBank House |16F| Nairobi | Kenya, Africa
1776, Botehlo Dr |  Site 305 |  Walnut Creek |  California,USA

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