Born to Coach. Connecting. Engaging. COLLABORATING. Training2Transform through Strategic Social Media Marketing in Global Virtual SOHO Revolution. (Small Office/Home Office).

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Love WIT & the 4 B's.

Life-long Visionary Entrepreneur turned Webpreneur/ipreneur & Coach/Trainer, Woman a Certain Age thriving in the internet World. Magnetic Marketing Diva Branding YOU.

Ok, so maybe you are curious and wonder what the "WIT" means and what the 4 B's are!

WIT is Whatever It Takes. It applies not only to business, but to living authentically and making a difference in relationships and life too. It's not just about Leads & Cash, the two things most people in any business covet. It is about who I am as person...who you are as a person. I have to Shift2Relate. That means shifting daily to relate better to my world. I do WIT in visualizing the end results I desire in life.

The 4 B's are BRANDING, BLOGGING, BUILDING & BANKING IT! If you Brand, Blog, & Build through understanding your UPQ (Unique Person Quotient) and utilizing your Expert Story, you can carve out a niche and TAKE IT TO THE BANK! Nothing wrong with that.

My business was ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) Small Business of the Year in the United States in 1995. My multiple business ventures were traditional models until 2007.

Today, I blog at www.DottiBerry.com.

I am an online marketing & business coach and consultant (www.BrandYouFirst..com).

Branding YOU First...identifying "Your Expert Story," and helping you build relationships and attract prospects in your niche is my specialty.

Helping people create financial freedom is a passion. Coaching people on internet marketing cranks me up! Making a difference in people's lives, business or personal, is a privilege.

I believe we are experiencing the first paradigm shifts in business models (outside of franchising) in my lifetime. I get jazzed about helping newbies create their vision, in addition to coaching those who are ready to move their understanding to a new level. It is an attitude and an awareness of living as the gift that you, allowing every decision to emanate from that perspective, and creating a unique, individual experience vs. pitching a product or opportunity.

I love collaborating and having fun! I believe that crowdsourcing is viable part of the "collective Intelligence" (the new "expert" in my opinion) that is available through our new technology via the internet.

I coached women's basketball at the University of Kentucky in the 80's, and have continued personal and business coaching, helping people tap into the synergy and integration of both in order to achieve great success.