Dottrio, LLC is the first firm in our home State of Maryland to be licensed as both a General Contractor and Public Adjuster. We provide expert claims assistance in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC. Dottrio, LLC specializes in the Insurance Claim Appraisal process and the Public Adjustment of claims. As a Chartered Property Insurance Umpire and Registered General Appraiser our expertise and experience in the insurance claims process is unsurpassed. Bringing together the unique combination of General Contractor & Public Adjuster experience along with Umpire & Appraiser certifications we are uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of assistance possible on any given insurance claim. Property owner losses due to Fire, Smoke, Wind, Hail, Water, and Burglary are best handled by experts. Dottrio, LLC is your expert in every aspect of the claims process. Our membership in organizations such as: International Association of Professional Contractors and the National Association of Insurance Umpires keeps Dottrio, LLC at the forefront of the insurance claims industry.