The DoubleBud App provides a single area where users can come together and share before and after images throughout  different categories.  

Human nature determines we see our lives in the past, present and future tense.  DoubleBud wants to help celebrate this by allowing users to share photos showing these progressions of time.  

The app allows users to categorise their photo strips into various categories such as; fit, fast, strong, indoor style, outdoor style, wheelies, foodies, party time and many more.  So they can share with other users their custom car restoration, their body transformation, a complete home renovation, their little puppy growing into a full grown german shepherd or their before, during and after prom photos.  All these photos shown in sequence, highlight the changes in a night, in a year or in a few weeks.  DoubleBud aims to inspire and motivate people through other people’s changes.

In the App users can
•     View and share before and after photos in sequence. Minimum of 2 photos - to as many as you need to tell your before and after story.
•     Search in categories that are of interest to you
•     Be notified when other users are motivated by your photo strip or comment on it.
•     You can browse and save other users photo strips that motivate you.
•     Share your photo strips on Facebook or Twitter
•     Create an account in seconds or sign in through  Facebook.