One of the challenges you face as a game developer, retailer or analyst is that you need to be sure you're getting accurate information from credible or expert sources. The rise of the internet has brought to the fray all kinds of social and non-traditional "gaming experts" with virtually no understanding regarding how to market your organization or video games that don't hit a specific demographic. This ever-expanding games industry shows no signs of slowing down. New gamers are coming onboard every day and older gamers are spreading the gamer-demographic across five (or more) decades. With iPhones, 3DS and downloadable games lowering the barrier for entry into this pastime, we are absolutely in a Golden Age of gaming. As new people are drawn into gaming, they simply cannot know where we came from or what makes a good game.

With everything you have spinning on a daily basis with your own business, you don't have time to ask yourself if the author of that blog or Op-Ed has a extensive background in the marketing of games, has ever been published in peer-reviewed journals, or what their reputation is with key contacts in the industry.