For more than 15 years, Fox Firm, P.C. has defended the rights of accused criminals and protected the interests of individuals filing for divorce. As a Gwinnett County criminal defense and family law attorney, his experience runs the gamut, from investigating violent crimes to helping couples apportion their property. Throughout his years in the legal profession, he has facilitated incalculable divorces, adoptions and changes in custody; he has also stood staunch in his defense of his clients facing criminal charges. His firm motto is illustrative of his abilities as well as of the indefatigable nature that characterizes his work ethic: “The strength to win cases, the knowledge to solve problems and the commitment to achieve results.” He is licensed to practice throughout the State of Georgia, as well as in the Georgia Court of Appeals, the Georgia Supreme Court and the Federal District Court of Northern Georgia. Visit his firm website at: http://www.georgiafamilylawfirm.com/ or http://www.georgiacriminaldefenselaw.com/.