Douglas Villalba was born in Miami Florida of Cuban parents. Since the early 70s, he developed a love for photography & movies. His first Commercial was done for a school project back in 1974. He has been an award winning photographer and a past president of The Professional Photographers Guild of Florida. Douglas has produced and directed a variety of cinematographic projects for local and international companies like Frito-Lay’s, My Fathers Cigars, Metro PCS, The Wise Computer, Fashion Bug and Glamour Secrets. Douglas expanded his talents when he agreed to film for various community leaders such as, Governors Rick Scott and Charlie Chris. Also, Congressman Lincoln Diaz Balart, David Rivera; among others. A producer/director/DP/editor for over thirty years, Douglas continues to research and study on a daily basis to stay on top of his trade. When you hire him for a feature film, a short film or an advertising campaign, you have a world class cinematographer working on your side.