The global economy is undergoing a transformation both in distribution and complexity. This transformation is being driven in part by the infinitely expanding information economy combined with the rising costs of goods and fuel. Companies across the globe are turning to technology to reduce costs and leverage global expertise by removing distance barriers and replacing the cube with an anytime office. However, traditional systems of management fail when it comes to answering the question; how do we manage the career path for the worker of tomorrow?

For over twenty years Doug Richards, founding partner of B2i Ventures, has studied the business of education from the inside and along the way learned to manage it from the outside. Having led classroom training and education for K-12, public and private universities, technical colleges and corporate training departments Doug has developed courseware and curricula utilizing instructional design best practices. His experience has evolved  into the learning methodology; Hack Your Company.

B2i Ventures is a Kansas City based consultancy specializing in technology, education and creative consulting for leaders and change makers. Our clients include the NBA, NFL, MLB, Bayer, Target, Nueterra, Cerner, Target, Johnson & Johnson, Segway, Sprint, The Federal Reserve of Kansas City, Conference Plus, dozens of health care systems and a few hundred regional and startup organizations.