User friendly Aluminium Fire Extinguishers – DouzeIt
All aluminium DouzeIt fire extinguishers from Uttam Group –pioneer leaders in fire extinguishers are extremely light weight and have a unique CO2 dispensing fog horn. This enables even an amateur to easily lift it with ease and spray the fire affected region with CO2. This allows people to extinguish the fire in its golden period (initial stage) before it can threaten life or property.

About our parent company: Uttam Super Brands
DouzeIt is a quality product of Uttam Super Brands the trading arm of Uttam Group that has excelled in the field of business since 1900. Uttam group sells this globally acclaimed CE marked Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers that are compliant to ISO standards . The UTTAM Group established in 1900 is headquartered at New Delhi is in the business of Manufacturing & Distribution of Medical and Industrial gasses, High Pressure Lightweight Gas Cylinders, Allied Equipment and Solutions. See more on www.DouzeIt.com