dpInk goes the extra mile in the performance of Clients' business intelligence analysis of current state, which she maps to a re-defined “to be” state that is built on lead trends, industry initiatives and audience or customer buy-in. dpInk's findings communicate goals, which define intended development and implementation through a continuous process improvement (CPI) regimen.

With twenty-five years plus past performance as a Strategic Communicator and Senior Technical Communicator, dpInk's focus and resolve is spot on for our clientele.

Strategy & Operations - the first step in every aspect of business operations planning is: strategy. dpInk extends a strong repository of competency that delivers greater accountability, transparency, and spending effectiveness while addressing branding; change management; feasibility; leadership; concepts; program management; organizational alignment; and ultimate growth, planning and its execution.

Management Consulting - organizational goals and mission statements are pertinent. Oftentimes, strategic transformation and intention-based enterprise builds determine alignment in the fulfillment of business practice initiatives. dpInk works with you, your team and your organization in order to streamline business processes; reduce waste; improve productivity and accomplish objectives.

Strategic Technical Communication - it goes without saying . . . "Engaging key stakeholders at the right time, in the right manner, with the right message is a standard for strong strategic & technical communication."  

Government & Commercial - dpInk extends turn-key capabilities in the deployment of expert resources and specialized services among government (federal, state, local) and commercial business development; capture administration; and proposal direction, development, management and writing. Industry applications reference aerospace, agriculture, defense, education, entertainment, healthcare, information technology, intelligence community, networking, new media, psychology, publishing, social sciences, telecommunications, and vehicular industries.

Content & Media Management - dpInk delivers a significant suite of Content and Media Management disciplines: analysis; articles; blogs; brochures; copyedits & copywriting; crowdfunding & campaign strategies; desktop publishing; diagramming; graphics; illustrations; live advertorials; social media consultations & influence market planning & execution; trailers; videography, etc.

Presentations / ​Training - through many Client requests, dpInk has committed to the creation of a suite of training modules, which are being made available at the present time. These reference the diverse historical archive that makes up dpInk's service portfolio. dpInk's Training Programs are featured as stand-alone kits or are packaged for group or team use. dpInk remains available as a public speaker / presenter / event participant / senior trainer for any/all training applications.

Additionally, vetted on-site trainers are also available.

​Publishing - DonnaInk Publications oversees a select publishing house initiative representing both nonfiction and fiction titles through retro-fitted publishing tradition extending modern terms and conditions. Additional services are available for unsigned executives, writers and authors alike that reference the following disciplines (this is a non-comprehensive list):
Book Cover Design
Design and Layout (print & digital copy)
Editing (i.e.: Basic, Substantive, Developmental, Substantiative)
Ghostwriting (with or without credit - fees alter)
Layout and Design
Manuscript Assessments, Critiques and/or Reviews

If you have a business book, training manual, e-Publication, white paper, etc. to consider for publication, contact dpInk and/or request a consultation. Today, even with a fluid Indie Press, publishing house representation as an author is always the best way to reach your readership.

Visit: www.donnalquesinberry to learn more about dpInk Ltd. Liability and how we can fulfill your requirements. And, also visit: www.donnaink.com for more publishing information.