Our company specialize in the purchase of discarded, deleted DPF diesel particulate systems. We are paying a great deal of money for any NOx, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Filters. These catalytic converter filters can be found on 20071/2 and up Dodge Cummins diesel 6.7L trucks, Ford Power Strokes 6.4L & 6.7L trucks and the Chevrolet/GM Duramax 6.6L trucks. Shipping us your used, junk or scrap DPF system(s) are simple and inexpensive as we show you the best way to prepare and ship your DPF system right on our site, also giving you the option to sell right at the door in person at our facility. We offer a wide range of payment options which includes Paypal, Company Check, Postal Money Order, Wire Transfer and Direct Deposit that will be processed the same day we receive your shipment. We are able to handle from small postal shipments to freight loads and can organize and setup any large pick ups per request. Our website is user friendly and to the point. Please visit our website www.dpfsystems.com for more detailed information.