Dr. Trevicia Williams is an organizational psychologist, speaker, author and trainer. She is known for inspiring, motivating and training individuals and organizations to realize their fullest potentials through personal and professional development as well as keynote speeches.

Dr. Williams' personal experience enables her to inspire and motivate others to turn adversities into advancements, use crises to create positive outcomes and discover opportunities in the problems that they face in order to realize their fullest potentials. Her coaching and personal development experience has resulted in individuals realizing measurable growth in their personal lives.

Dr. Williams' professional experience enables her to teach and train others to be effective entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners. Her experience with companies and businesses has resulted in improved productivity and cohesive teams through training and development, increased employee satisfaction, increased retention, and resolving workplace problems such as poor morale and team work. She adds new perspectives and life changing meaning to everyday experiences.

As a Former Texas Child Bride she inspires individuals and audiences to be their personal best, grow from difficulties and challenges and see the value in every experience.  Dr. Williams is a former teenage wife (child bride) and mother who through faith, tough decisions and perseverance succeeded against the odds of adversity. The second publication of her bounce back book: There Are Pearls in the Pain of Every Experience helps families understand the value of family units, girls better understand themselves and sexuality, women better understand themselves and realize their worth, individuals better understand how spiritual strength helps overcome obstacles, barriers and life's storms; teenagers understand and value real beauty and much more. Dr. Williams cuts to the chase about her life as 14 year old African American teenager in an arranged marriage to a 26 year old man from Germany in this bounce back book (ISBN:0-9743519-8-9).

Dr. Williams says, "The 10/90 Rule is most applicable in life's experiences. It's not what you go through, it's what you get through." Some of her inspiration comes from other great people like Zig Ziglar who is well known for his quote: "You can have everything you want if you help enough other people get what they want." She oftentimes talks about Brian Tracy's notable commentary: "Make a game of finding something positive in every situation. Ninety-five percent of your emotions are determined by how you interpret events to yourself." As John Maxwell says: “We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.” She is also inspired by Joel Osteen and Joel Hunter. Most importantly, her depth and inspiration comes from God and her savior Jesus.

People development, inspiration and motivation is her speciality. Success is the sum of small steps taken daily!" Get your free success profile at: http://www.treviciawilliams.com