Dr jignesh parmar is reknowned homoeopathic consultant of Ahmedabad India who had graduated (B.H.M.S.) ( Regd. no  G5200) from Anand Homoeopathic Medical

College & Research Institute ,Anand & from University of International repute Sardar Patel University., Vallabh Vidhya Nagar.
He is also attachted to first ISO certified Hospital in Ahmedabad since 8 yrs as an honorary Homoeopath. Rajasthan Hospital .

Dr jignesh parmar had studied throught english medium in convent school during his schooling while ranking always within top ten.During graduation also he

used to be very active while attending seminars and conferences for upgradation of knowledge .

While doing these activities he also used to serve people by arranging camps for betterment of people and expansion of homeopathy.

He was always devoted to homoeopathy since his college days and used to guide people for taking homoeopathic medicines .He has written many articles in news

papers for homoeopathy .

He had done a great job during epidemic of chicken in past by distributing homoeopathic medicines to whole Gujarat Vidyapith around 1500 people for

prevention of chicken guinea with around 100% success.

He is still active in management of swine flu and is helping  people to get ridd of swine flu by homoeopathy through his site


His motto is to make people free from aliments and make the world malady free just by proper and timely treatment in homoeopathy.
He believes in " Prevention is always better than Cure" and "Stich in time saves nine".

He strongly advocates not to take any conventional allopathic medicines unless there is any medical emergency and get your children treated with homoeopathic physician when the ailment is first caused so the homoeopath with his expertise will cure the disease and your child will become healthy individual in future.

He is very clear in his intentions and wants to expand homoeopathy all over the india and even the remote places in india where PHC's are also deficient.Homoeopathy is the most simple method of cure which does not have any side-effects as it is prepared in such a manner that all the crude properties are removed and only dynamic properties remain which can never cause any sort of side-effects.

He also explains this very well in his site


He has treated several patients all over the world by online homeopathic consultancy within 8 yrs with nearly  90% success rate.

He has expertise in delivering prescriptions online as he has dealt with many patients online.He is also very cool and makes patient comfortable at the ease of home even in physical consultation and also takes special care that full attention is provided for online consultation of patient.

He has provided various options for online consultation like live chat


case study by questionnarre

phone consultation etc.

He is very particular about everything so has fixed charges which are displayed in website itself with no hidden charges anywhere.

You can consult him securely with ease at