Dragon and Phoenix Software Inc. was formed to address critical needs for accurate and reproducible fit in garments and accessories. D&P has developed methods that apply engineering principles to the art of pattern drafting. Incorporating the philosophy of accuracy, reproducibility, flexibility and comprehensive customer support, D&P follows its mission of changing the way the world sews. With the production of a growing set of products and tools for home, educational and commercial markets, the company continues to grow and address new challenges.

The customized patterns available for the TCC system currently include garments, costumes, medical or support specialty items, purses and bags, shoes, gloves, hats, pillows, storage containers, and organizers. More than 15,000 patterns are currently available, with more added to the pattern list each month.

The TCC software is supported by a proprietary algorithm system and interpolation engine that allows the user to define increasing levels of fit definition in fully scalable patterns. Patterns in the TCC system are not confined to predetermined sizes or limited size ranges, but instead scale for figures that range from a 3-inch doll to larger-than-life characters, little people, amputees, and special needs patients, to name a few.