Dragon Kingdom has made a good beginning in Korea

With all the efforts of X6 Game Corporation stuff and Korean agency, Dragon Kingdom Korean version released on July 13th and has been widely spread among Korean users.

Within one week after it had been released , Dragon Kingdom has brought considerable revenue .Under the condition of applying only one promotion channel, Dragon Kingdom rated NO.2 fastest-growing app in KT ,which is the biggest channel in Korea.

Up to now Dragon Kingdom has been promoted by the top 4 app promotion channels in Korea. Here are some data report about Dragon Kingdom ‘s amazing achievement.
1.     Maximum Day Registration:10000.
2.     Total Registered users:100,000
3.     Maximum online users:900
4.     Maximum DAU:20,000
5.     Ranks NO.8 free games app in T-strore channel .

About X6 Game
X6 Game, one of the top mobile game developers in China which was founded in 2005, is dedicated to the development of mobile games.

70 titles of various genres have been released by X6 Game since the date of its foundation, including the famous strategic game Dragon Kingdom, the fantastic simulation game Movie Town and Kawaii family game Pet Life, which are global oriented. X6 Game has received several media awards in the last 7 years, which represent the common acceptance from both users and partners. The company is currently actively seeking a share in the global market.