DRAIN-FX was developed by Boemar Canada Inc., which prides itself as a leader in strategic research & development and is progressively becoming one of the most diversified and innovative product development companies nationwide. Through the introduction of specialized products for many diversified industries and a dedicated effort to think outside the box, we continuously strive to enhance and improve traditional methods. Our unique, leading-edge innovation allows us to introduce revolutionary systems, which offer unparalleled quality and superior return on investment.

Easily attach Drain-FX to any faucet with a removable aerator, and turn simple tap water into a high pressure drain clearing
tool! No harsh chemicals, dangerous aerosols that can damage plumbing, or challenging metal augers. Just hook up with the easy-fit attachments, and insert the micro tip down into any sink drain and let the power spray do it’s magic. Ideal not only for blocked drains, but fabulous for slow moving drains that we all encounter.